My life changed when I started working from home. I worked in sales at a software company in Boston, I walked 1.2 miles from my apartment near porter square (can we call a 1.2 mile walk near?), got on the redline for 20 minutes, then walked 1.3 more miles to my office. When I moved to Silicon Valley I became acquainted with “megacommuters”. It became clear that my 45 minute commute in Boston was not so bad – It became even more clear that if people are driving 90 minutes each way for a job, something is broken in our work culture.

Back to the life change: I realized that some companies were willing to let me work from home. I could be more productive, and I could get MORE work done from home than from the sales pit of X software startup. Though it was a great revelation, it was somewhat forced when I was laid off with 110 other sales people. We were high expense employees and my company could not keep us while they revamped their product. I already had a small remote based company of my own, but I got a full time remote job and everything changed: no commute, I could eat breakfast with my dogs every day, I could go for a run before lunch, and suddenly I was getting more work done per day than I was before.

My life was getting better, but I noticed some miscues at my remote job, attrition was high, processes did not include remote staff, organizational communication seemed to be exclusive, I rarely met with others in my job role. I felt like an outsider. At the same time I saw these problems, and plugged those holes at my own company, and my remote team morale went way up and continues to stay up. Operating a remote/ distributed company is not harder than operating a centrally located company, but knowing how to do it the right way is the hard part.

This is why we created RemoteRise. Having worked for someone else in a fully remote position, and having started a successful, fully distributed company of my own: our team knows what a remote organization should look like, and we need to pass that knowledge on. Our purpose is to help guide organizations through the process of building an amazing remote team.

Our goal is workplace transformation, there is yet another industrial revolution taking place and we want to be at the forefront. We don’t blame companies for wanting employees to report into a physical office, we just want to provide them with a better alternative. Remote employees are not often set up for success, and our biggest goal is to solve that problem. If we can provide employers with the right resources, maybe more people can end up with a story like mine.

Thanks again for visiting and stay tuned for more info on how to start, manage, and build a remote team.